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The Reebok Years

Reebok holds a special space in my heart not only for the blast I had designing there, but also the people I had the fortune to work with and learn from. Footwear design in the 90’s was an incredible time. The amount of resource, innovation, and empowerment Design had in creating the products that came to market … well, let’s just say it was a different time. One where creativity and originality were well rewarded.

I was fortunate to be part of the Women’s Training team, and had the opportunity to spend time learning at the Reebok Korean Development center in Busan during my first summer at the company.

Pictured in the top of this post is the Lumina, my first product designed at Reebok, and it ranked as their top selling non-Classic women’s product for many many years. The first page of the tech pack (pictured on the right page above), was drafted in the apartment I was staying at while training in Busan. I still recall carefully traversing the sketchy (due to crazy scary bugs that came out in the dark) lower level of the apartment, to fax the tech pack back to the team back in The States. High tech times.

Below are early concept sketches for the technology termed “3DMF.” My love of color and marker rendering is evident in the concepts, and it is easy to see I shared the same exuberance in my footwear sketches as I did drawing cars. The design challenge in these earliest concepts, were to integrate the outsole into the upper … a design opportunity 3DMF tech uniquely offered in addition to its notable light weight.

I also designed Reebok’s first “yoga shoe” during my time there. The concept was inspired by the (then) newly opened Chelsea Piers, and I based the concept and fit points off my experience having intensely studied ballet. The shoe was meant as transitional product, and uniquely suited for the emerging mindfulness segment.

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