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The Simple Company Branding | Seed Design Consultancy

Customer / Psychographic:  

A gender inclusive brand with a Millennial focus.

Brand Story / Logo:  

Simple, clean, responsable ingredients for beauty basics. 

The brief was to capture the Simple brand ethos in a fresh and compelling way. Reflecting both a Millennial customer, and a revolutionary approach to responsible beauty products.

The logo reflects bold empowerment, and hints at the rebellious nature it takes to break from the masses and rethink the way we consume beauty.

Less is beautiful.

Project Scope:  

  • Branding

  • Logo

  • Advise on a social strategy

  • Create a seasonal color palette to integrate with the brand’s iconic orange, and dimensionalize the bold nature and modernity of a minimalistic palette

  • Provide aesthetic strategy through an updated brand deck

A Personal Note:  

I was honored to be hired by The Simple Company to create their logo, brand bible, and color palette, as it is a rarity to work with a company who is audaciously redefining an industry (beauty), while catapulting forward both ethical manufacturing and consumption on an accessible scale.

When Simple hired seed; they had not known I personally utilize a raw ingredient approach in my lifestyle. In living with undiagnosed thyroid disease for over 15 years, the raw ingredient lifestyle proved wildly beneficial in helping tolerate notable symptoms and immune deficiencies (I was finally diagnosed in 2018).

Ultimately, Simple had not hired just seed; but also a captive and enthusiastic fan of what they will be bringing to the market.

You can follow Simple’s journey in launching their revolutionary product line via Instagram, where they share invaluable knowledge, tips, and recipes so you too can take power over the label.

The Simple Company Branding | Seed Design Consultancy
The Simple Company Branding | Seed Design Consultancy
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