Seasonal Atlas 2016 - 2019

The Color Atlas by Archroma X Design Seeds | Seed Design Consultancy

The seasonal atlas inspiration guide offered storied vignettes of creative color and inspiration. The co-branded project featured curated Design Seeds collections, which included coordinating color specifiers from the Color Atlas by Archroma.

The following is an excerpt from the ARCHROMA POWERS DESIGN SEEDS WITH ACCURATE, ACHIEVABLE COLOR press release:

Archroma Color Management has partnered with the popular color inspiration site Design Seeds, on a series of seasonal stories featuring colors found in the Color Atlas by Archroma®. Design Seeds founder Jessica Colaluca and the site have more than a one and quarter million followers combined across social media platforms, and Design Seeds itself gets around 300 thousand viewers every month.

“Archroma and Design Seeds is a match made in heaven," said Colaluca. "I had declined partnering with brands or incorporating sponsored content on the site for over seven years until I met the incredible folks at Archroma. Beyond our obvious shared passion for color, we share a dedication to empowering designers. And as a designer, I fell in love with the Color Atlas. It is a brilliant system overflowing with modern color."

seed; Winter | Issue no.3
seed; Winter | Issue no.3 | palette overview
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