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Olivia Meade Hair

The recent branding project for OMH reflects well why it is a privilege helping individuals and small businesses actualize their brands. Working with Olivia to bring her aspirations to reality was an absolute blast.

Olivia’s talent as a stylist and solid grasp on her brand goals made for fun work. The goal in designing her brand was to reflect her personal aesthetic, “frame” her work and not compete with it, as well as capture both her current and prospective clientele through design.

As Olivia is fortunate to have gorgeous initials, I wanted to focus on using them for her logo. The OMH design subtly has the “M” as a subliminal crown, creating an aspirational and yet playful undertone to the logo. The halo rays reinforce the idea of the crown, but also the silhouette of hair … to tie together per personal brand and profession.

These fun subtle touches, while working to have a fresh and modern logo, both well reflect Olivia and her work.

Aspiration with a fun spirit.

Olivia’s custom branded print was inspired by her love of both an early adopter aesthetic and art deco. I wanted to create this print for Olivia for a few reasons: her site was designed to be clean and modern to highlight her work, and a print brings a richness of texture to reinforce an aspirational quality.

The beauty of having a custom print as part of any brand collateral, is that it offers endless opportunities for use in a website, social media, and marketing. A custom print also adds another chapter to a brand story, and an added layer of of refinement.

Project Scope:  

  • Color Palette

  • Logo

  • Custom Branded Print

  • Website

seed; OMH | branding
seed; OMH | branding
seed; OMH | branding

The Website:  

seed; OMH | branding
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