Know Your Gems

Know Your Gems | Seed Design Consultancy

Gems 101

In today’s media, the interwebs get easily clogged as folks act like kids playing soccer by chasing the same hashtags, events, strategies, and messaging.

However, there is a simple (and far more fun) key to success: knowing your gems.

Avoid wasting time chasing unproductive trends, and shine light on your value(s).

I’m not just talking the value of your services or products. I am talking about the collective gem your brand belongs to.

Business success is found in fulfilling a need, or dimensionalizing an area that was previously unchartered territory. In knowing your business, you best know what market you are looking to fulfill, customers to connect with, and community to uplift. This is your gem.

Your gem is not fellow candlemakers, greeting card copywriters, or whatever your specialty may be. Your gem is the neighborhood your brick and mortar establishment exists within, the community you look to fuel, and the environments your customer exists.

For example, if your business is a yoga studio, your gem is: the neighborhood your studio is in, mindful and aspiring yogis who can benefit from your jewels of insights and practice tips, and where your clients extend their practice when not in your space.

Know Your Gems | Seed Design Consultancy

The Value of Gems

So in the yoga business example, why is it critical to know your gems, and not be chasing #NationalDoYogaDay?

The answer is as simple.

The notable majority of your current and potential clients are not chasing #NationalDoYogaDay trends. Other yoga studios and professionals are. And all you are doing in your efforts, is sharing your marketing tactics and brand messaging with other yoga studios. You are essentially feeding a commercial beast, and losing resource speaking to other professionals and not offering value to your clients and greater community.

Focus on the amazing substance your facet is structurally part of. And when you shine light on your gem, you give added value to your customers, and harvest incredible opportunities to grow your brand.

Thinking about your gem involves thinking about that local coffee shop you frequent daily, and the barista you’re on a first name basis with possibly letting you put a little something by the cash register to catch the eye of prospective customers.

When thinking about your gem, you are also thinking about community events and resources you can support. These offer limitless contacts and creative opportunities.

What about the local high school? With educational resources being painfully stretched, can you come in and teach a weekly mindfulness class for students to take in lieu of traditional gym classes or to supplement after school? And in helping introduce students to mindfulness, you are creating an incredibly engaged online community to bolster your social connections. Now how can you grow your social community with your new high school yogis, their friends, and families?

Speaking of social, what insights do you offer that your gem could prosper from? Focus on collateral that shares content that gives, and minimize your content that sells. You’ll see your engagement blossom.

Know Your Gems | Seed Design Consultancy


There are endless gurus and experts selling branding and media “how to’s.” The stark reality of these group minded lessons, is that they’re prescriptive, and your individuality and value are lost in a sea of same.

Chasing trends folks within your industry are chasing, takes you away from your own personal goldmine … your gem.

Sit down, identify, and analyze your gem.

To help you do so, I have prepared a Gemology download to start unearthing invaluable insights on your brand.

Gemology Download | Know Your Gems | Seed Design Consultancy

Download & Start Strategizing


Today’s Palette

And for those who enjoyed the colorwork in today’s download, I have the palette below for you + the HEX colors for your reference :)

Palette | Seed Design Consultancy

left to right: #EFE5E6, #ECDBCF, #D2B074, #1D1618, #71AACD