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Although I am a person who welcomes the unexpected, I’m looking to focus where I harvest 2019’s gems.

After learning far more than I aspire to understand about shipping rates, tax complexities, the Wayfare Ruling, shop platforms, copyrights, trademarks, distribution partners, and inventory management these past few years, I would like to focus my learning curve on more creative pursuits.

I’m talking about throwing some clay, discovering a new favorite marker, or the joy of washi tape.

In looking to 2019, I want to protect space for creative play.

With today’s social pile-up and general online chaos, it is extremely easy to go into the wormhole of learning what one cannot do as a small business owner these days. Without protecting for the nourishment of possibilities, our feet will be stuck in sludge and never leave the ground.

So, in preparing for the welcomed unexpected of 2019, I made a gloriously simple sheet for monthly goal setting.

#goals | Seed Design Consultancy

Learn, Create, & Achieve

Being a huge proponent that the best inspiration resources are the unexpected ones, I am protecting for more time to draw from untapped wells of thinking.

Personally, the most fulfilling aspect of design or brand building is when some rules are broken. Rewriting the narrative, or flat our figuring out a new way to approach something, is what keeps me creating.

To be able to do this, a well stocked grab bag of inspiration and skills needs to be on deck, ready and waiting. This is what led me to thinking of monthly goals for 2019, as I’m looking for my grab bag to be not just well stocked, but overflowing.

My creative process is generally not a linear progression. After decades working professionally, I have created obvious efficiencies and mastered an approach to guiding project processes … but every client, brand, or project is always a custom creative build to suit individual needs.

In running my consultancy, it is a necessity to keep ahead of the need, with ideas germinating for the day they make sense to harvest.

And since the holistic creative path not is neither linear or chronological, let’s get prepared for the 2019 journey.


In 2019 I want to learn something desirable each month, and this does not include the complexities of online sales tax collection based on zip codes.

Whether it’s new hot keys and shortcuts in Illustrator, or my soon-to-be-discovered favorite notebook for a design journal, or learning the art of origami, I want to protect for playful creative learning each month.


2019 is going to be the year of indulgent creating.

Whether it is taking deeper dives into creating graphic driven work for Fresh News, or starting a new journal of colorwork, each month I am going to slot a project that protects for a new opportunity to create.

Maybe it’s a massive reboot like making a return to glassblowing, or as small as getting a new highlight pack to color code my notebook … but it’s time to get unapologetically creating.


I am so not talking about Inbox Zero here.

My personal achievements are going to include opportunity unlocks, taking a weekend off, or a business goal I have in mind for growing seed;.

By focusing on achievable goals in monthly snippets, it is going to help fortify the creative soul. And fortitude will help steady us as we navigate the looming uncertainties of 2019.

Write That Sh*t Down

So are you in with me on 2019 dreaming?

If so, I have a download to help track your awesome and dreams this coming year.

#goals | Seed Design Consultancy

Download & Start Dreaming


Today’s Palette

And for those who enjoyed the colorwork in today’s download, I have the palette below for you + the HEX colors for your reference :)

Palette | Seed Design Consultancy

row 1: #E2DDD7

row 2: #F6D9DD, #E07F80, #C8B87F, #D8DBAC, #C9D6BE, #A9BEAD

row 3: #799695, #96C0C4, #4E76B5, #464E9B, #9A78AF, #CBC3DD

row 4: #3E3C3A


Wishing you all an incredible start to your New Year, and here’s to all our goals & dreams waiting to be realized.