Celebrate, Not Sell

Celebrate, Not Sell | Seed Design Consultancy

Something went amiss on social these past few years, and that is the social bit has virtually disappeared from a majority of folks’ engagement.

Brands, small businesses, and influencers are selling, selling, and selling.

As consumers, we are inundated with door busters, #sponsored, BOGOs, and National Insert-Your-Type-of-Business Day … the promotional campaign blitz is virtually unending.

So how much are we learning about the people and brands, if all they’re doing is pitching us stuff?

The shame in this madness, is not just the pollution it creates in feeds, but all that effort is spent with countless opportunities missed. Additionally, there is collateral damage incurred when social is not handled with care.

The key to social is just that … being social.

The purpose, since the dawn of social’s time, is to engage or be part of a community. And if you’re a brand swimming in the waters of social, it is an opportunity to share your story and grow your community.

The key word being; share.

By sharing your story, offering original content, and valuable insights, a brand is inherently creating a value proposition built for loyalty and seeding a future intent to buy.

As businesses, we do have to keep our lights on. And followers of brands genuinely want to know when new product is available or sales are to be had. But this is a percentage of what social content should be about.

Celebrate, Not Sell | Seed Design Consultancy

It’s not spelled sellebrate.

People become “sales blind” to continuous pitch and product posts, and eventually tune a brand out completely.

Social is about the long game, and when you respect the platform and approach it with a celebratory intent … the sales take care of themselves.

Through seed; I work with large companies, as well as small businesses to build their brand stories and create focused messaging. Telling your brand story, and sharing it to benefit your social community, is a key component to growing your success.

Celebrate, Not Sell, | Seed Design Consultancy