Being Creative With 1.2m Followers

Being Creative With 1.2m Followers | Seed Design Consultancy

I have been fortunate this past decade to engage a grassroots support which has allowed Design Seeds to have the reach it enjoys today. A big part of this is in great thanks to loyal readers and followers.

In growing my following to over 1.2 million on social, I have eschewed traditional marketing advice, which has ultimately been the key to my social success. In a media environment where everyone is chasing the same techniques and hashtags, the key to discovery and growth is to zig when everyone else zags.

So with this all in mind, when the seed; site relaunched this past November, I decided integrate into the new consultancy Instagram profile, posts dedicated to sharing social media tips for small, and not-so-small, businesses. @seed_llc also offers branding strategies and other insights I have found invaluable these past 10 years online.

Being Creative With 1.2m Followers | Seed Design Consultancy

Key insights include the importance of owning your own content and avoiding being reliant on a social media platform, as well as rethinking traditional marketing collateral such as business cards to leverage growing your brand.

A new series of posts called “30 on,” which was inspired by a recent interview I did where I was asked if it could be overwhelming having over a million followers on social media, focuses on managing a large social reach without social media taking over your life.

Coincidentally, about the same time as this interview, a new study was released showing that keeping your time on social down to 30 minutes per day has significant mental health benefits.

Not so coincidentally, my answer to avoiding being overwhelmed in engaging with over 1 million followers was directly linked to the study’s findings, as I keep my time on social media (business and personal combined) down to 30 minutes per day.

In the 30 on series, I have been sharing several techniques of how to minimize social media creep, and subsequently maximizing your engagement time.

I will be continuing to share more insights on Instagram, with in depth highlights shared here on Fresh News.


Stay tuned to for more tips, insights, & strategies you can leverage to grow your brand.

Being Creative With 1.2m Followers | Seed Design Consultancy